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Making a Small Difference - World Cancer Day

I love how particular cancers have ‘their’ day or month. I have an affinity for October, which is breast cancer awareness month – ‘my’ cancer – which, even after four years, still feels surreal that I even had it. No words can fully describe how grateful it feels to be a survivor, which is something I wish everyone could feel who’s been touched by this disease – in whatever form.

One day a year is devoted to *all* types of cancer. February 4 is World Cancer Day, which aims to raise awareness, improve education, and bring about government action so that lives can be saved, and cancer care can be equal to all, no matter who the person is or where they live.

Last spring, I was fortunate to be able to use my camera for goodwill at MIT’s Relay for Life, an annual fundraiser that features physical activities, presentations, music, candlelight vigils, and even hair donations. My daughter, Jaden, has been involved in Relay For Life since her high school days, before I was diagnosed. I wish I’d become involved earlier, instead of when cancer struck. But it’s never too late, and now more than ever, I want to ‘give back’ in my own small way. Giving my photos to the organizers for their use helped me feel like I was doing something, in addition to providing a donation.

MIT’s Relay for Life was not well attended, and hopefully things will be different this year and into the future. That said, other Relay for Life venues around the world have high participation rates, such as Phillips Exeter Academy, where Jaden attended.

Step by step, stride by stride, let's stomp on cancer and wipe it off the planet for good.

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